Your Landing Page/List Building Blueprint

Phase I – Create the List Building and Lead Generation Foundation

This is one of the most important steps you can add to your business. It’s so important it’s the piece we work on first before your branded site.

Once your logo is established, now we can build the landing page design, and then once that is approved, we can create the actual landing page.

This page has an exact formula that we will follow. As you see your project unfold you will see how the flavor of this site determines your guide title, your signature talk title, the type of client you will attract, and serve as the first impression you make on potential clients. This page is the catalyst to your automated earning potential.

Proceed through each of the stages and don’t skip any.. Understanding why we are doing what we do is critical to you using it. If you don’t believe it’s important, when you need to send traffic to it, you won’t. And that will be a big mistake.

Here are the landing page instructions you need to create a page that will serve as the front of your marketing and promotional funnel. Do not skip this step – it is the key to list building. Without this step in place you will struggle for clients and money.

Download Instructions in PDF

Each section is outlined in more detail than in the guide, but this is good to acquaint and move you through the process.  To get started download this document, print and put it in your binder then read in its entirety. This will help you with how this phase unfolds and what to expect (so you don’t start to panic when you don’t need to), and you understand what you need to do.


Purpose of the Landing Page

Creating a Landing Page Overview

Domain Names and Hosting Provider

During the Online Clarity Cleanse call I would have made recommendations for domain names you should buy.

Make sure you purchased those and email me access to your domain provider by providing me with links/userid/password.

If you didn’t, and also don’t have hosting yet, just go below and get your hosting package and domains at the same time by using the link below that says Get Hosting Plan.

We are now at the stage also where once the design is approved, we will start the live build. It is best to get us the hosting information ASAP – where the system is being hosted.

If you don’t have a hosting provider – somewhere your websites are currently displayed – go here and purchase the Deluxe (middle option). It costs about $100 for the year. The key is we need UNLIMITED domains to be hosted.

Then send me userid and password and all access to everything you bought.

Get Hosting Plan Button]

Autoresponder System

You will recall in the guide training we mentioned autoresponder in the sense you create your email messages from the guide to put into your autoresponder system to get you going.

Now it’s time to get the actual system where they will be placed, and get it integrated into the landing page.
So we want to be clear about what we do and what you do for this step.

1. You will choose your autoresponder system and/or get us the information we need to access it

2. We will create your first list/campaign if you select one of the 3 systems we support. The issue here is we can’t learn all 100 systems out there, so we chose the 3 most common per price point and features.
– we will create your landing page list/campaign
– we will create your first welcome email
– we will establish the success page so once they have opted in – it will go to the thanking page

If you don’t have one of the 3 systems we support – you will have to do ALL of the above and get us the code we need for the landing page.

So regardless of what autoresponder system you have
– we will integrate the necessary autoresponder code to your landing page.

You will be set up at this point to capture the lead, communicate to them, and have them become part of your tribe.
It will be your job to add more emails, manage the system, etc. This is the lifeblood of your company/system. You can’t neglect this system, because a well crafted email out the day can make you money. Nurturing clients makes you money and gets you referrals. Educating and enlightening prospects makes you money and gets you clients.
Your first goal is to get 10 emails in your system.
Then once your foundation has been built, your attention will go back to this system, where you will create multiple lists to monitor different lists, client, products, services, etc. and grow and automate your business.

>So lets get started…

This means it’s time to purchase your autoresponder system, or get us the information if you already have one.

Step 1. Choose Your Autoresponder

There are 3 systems we support – Aweber, 1ShoppingCart and Infusionsoft.

    1. If you already have any of these, send me userid and password to access so we can set up your first list, and create your welcome email, and grab the code to integrate within your landing page.
    2. If you have an autoresponder, but it is NOT any of the above, you will need to set up the list, and get us the embed code for the landing page. We simply can’t learn every system out there – and those are the 3 standards depending on where you’re at in your business. We can still write the welcome email but you’ll need to get it in.
    3. If you don’t have a system already – get this one
      Get Autoresponder Button

Click on ‘Try it for Free’ Then it will be about $34/month which is a decent starter price and then when you are ready for affiliates – it’s simply a matter of upgrading. You lose nothing. If you are on too low a level autoresponder when you need an affiliate system – which at some point you will – you can’t get those names in to a new system, and then you’ll need to keep and pay for 2 systems (like we do – and it’s not fun.)

Step 2. Get Your Messages Approved by Me

See Autoresponder Messages section under the Guide tab for more details.

Step 3. Get the Rest of Your Messages in Your Autoresponder

The Process

There are things you do, and things I do. When you get a clear picture of who does what – you know where to focus your time.


I will be creating

  • the logo (1)
  • the landing page banner (1)
  • your landing page design (you will then approve this)
  • then your landing page design gets built
  • you get me specific content (points 1-7 in master diagram)
  • then I create the top 3 lines (target, headline, subdeck) (8)
  • then I research and put in your keywords, title, and meta tags for SEO (11)
  • your thank you download page gets built
  • your page gets uploaded and installed on your hosting provider
  • your autoresponder list and email message gets created
  • then integrated into the landing page
  • then it is tested and then
  • I send you an email that says it is LIVE


How Colors Work on Your Sites

So each logo and therefore the site – has 3 colors
– the master
– the secondary
– splash color

So now it’s time to understand how we will use these colors on your website.

The background of a site is usually white – sometimes we put a color or background image on the landing page depending on target audience and feel we are going for.

On a master branded site – background is white.

If we look at this example

Logo – Drew
Master color is blue
Secondary is orange
his splash color is green – we don’t use much on the master site – but we use a lot on the landing page

You can see then how the colors are spread throughout the site
– the above is master branded site nav bar

Here is his landing page color distribution

We use the green from the no excuses sign – which is his USP

– orange on the bars
– green on the guide opt-in

– blue on the guide – along with orange and green

If you want to look at his sites as an example
Landing Page –
Branded Site –

Landing Page Design Sign Off

Congratulations now that the design of your landing page is finalized, we will start the build of it on it’s live location. Make sure we have your web hosting and domain access and the process will begin.

In order for us to continue to the next step we need your confirmation that you agree to this design and we are to now start to build it.

Fill out this form and we’ll see you on the next step.

How to Prepare Content for a Landing Page

You can see from the landing page graphic above there are 7 pieces of content we need. We will go through each of them

Watch this video

More details for each are listed separately. Get them to me one at time in most cases. You can put it all together if you want though, except for the affiliate logos. Send that separately.
Here is an example of the finished product we are working towards:


How to Send LP Content to Me

As you go through the sections it might seem like a lot of information.

Below is an example a client sent me, that is perfect.

You send me one email that contains this in the body

To make it really easy I created a form that prompts you for the fields. Go here to fill out and get it to me.

Fill This Form

Give it a try and send to me when done.


#1 Are you sick and tired of the never-ending diet and food sacrifices that give only short-term results?
#2 Have you ever felt your day spinning out of control, doing more but making no real progress?
#3 Are you stuck in a vicious repeat cycle with never enough time to focus on your own personal self-care and well-being?
#4 Do your dreams feel like they’ll always be out of reach?


1. See how to fast track your reality into a bigger more pleasurable future

2. Discover what BS you are buying into that holds you back from getting what you want

3. Steps to create true well-being and balance, in every area of your life, so you can live up to your potential

4. Learn to finally go beyond diet and exercise to achieve your optimal health and fitness

5. How to make your life work for you to create the momentum and transformation simply fun and effortless

I get it. After continuously driving myself, to push my limits to progress my corporate career and be perfect, my world cracked from the strain. Struggling with weight, health, energy, career, finances, and family life before finding the answers on how to reclaim my power, embrace my talents to create a more harmonious and successful outcome.



I’m Sharon Kolenda, a certified holistic health coach having graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a transformation strategist, energy healer and visionary. It is my passion to find creative solutions to heal nutrition + health + lifestyle barriers so that people can be a better version of themselves.


Let’s work together, so I can help you create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline.


Sharon Kolenda, CHHC, MS health coaching for a “purpose-filled, balanced, healthy lifestyle for women who deserve a break”.

Here is what her page looks like –
You can see where this text went

(2) The second email you will send contains all the graphic image logos for TV, magazine covers, associations you belong to, anything that is a visual brag image.

Here is another client site as a sample – go to bottom and see the Affiliations section:

3 Pain Points

You will see below the picture there are 3-5 lines of what I call pain points. Pain points are you identifying the biggest issues your prospect is facing. You put them here so that your prospect can see you understand what they are going through. It also reminds them and brings it back to them so that they get agitated and need to find a solution.

You want them to realize they have an issue that needs to be fixed, and that if they get the guide – this is a start to getting a solution.

Examples include;

Do you know your products & services can benefit the world yet your sales are slow and inconsistent?

Are you frustrated because you’re doing all the right things yet you’re still not making enough money?

Do you feel stressed and worried and can’t seem to get out of debt?

Are you overwhelmed with emails and offers that bombard your inbox and tell you nothing?

Have you become so confused that you’re not sure whether you are doing internet or social media correctly?

Have you given up and abandoned online marketing because it seems to be nothing but a waste of time?

Are you feeling stuck, hopeless or stagnant personally or professionally?

Does life ever feel like you are trapped on an endless merry-go-round – never really getting anywhere?

Have you felt victimized by circumstances or situations and can’t see a way out?

So now write the 3 pains that your prospect experiences and send them to me.

Picture or Video

On the left hand side you will see a slot for a picture or a video.

Sometimes this is done in phases.

You get me any picture you can.

Then you get me a professional photograph (I would recommend getting these done if you are going to be a speaker because they should go on your website. Look at to see an example of speaker shots.

The video is the best option – however don’t start with this. It will delay the more important stuff. So get me everything, finish the landing page, then you can work on the video. That way we aren’t waiting to get it live.

Note about the video: You are NOT selling on the video, you are doing one thing, introducing yourself, telling them why they should get on your list, and then telling them to enter their name and email and you’ll see them on the other side.

It is minutes – See mine for an example:

Landing Page Video Script
Create the Lead Magnet PDF Ebook

Steps to Create Your Lead Magnet Guide

You can be working on the guide and landing page simultaneously, just make sure you get me the guide in PDF ASAP though. You need the guide to create the benefits on the landing page. Follow this link to get all the information and steps to GUIDE creation.

IF you’re not done the guide – here are those instructions

Download the Guide Instructions

12 Lead Magnet Guide Templates (Powerpoint)

Our normal way of creating the guide has been a word processor and then printing that to PDF. This took knowledge of graphic placement and some found it difficult.

So I created these templates where you can simply place your cover page, data, text, images in the specified locations, copy, paste, or create a blank page and do your own thing.

The only issue here is page numbering and headers/footers per page – but it makes exact placement of graphic and text very easy.

Also, because presentation software was something you may need to know if you are going to be a speaker or do webinars, it seemed if a new tool was going to be learned, it was best to spend time here.

Simply load this template into your powerpoint or keynote presentation software, and then you can take the content you have created for each step and use this template to plug and play.


This is a few simple lines that takes the conversation from identification of the pain points – to inserting yourself into the situation. This is you saying you understand about their pain because – ie. you went through it, had a friend go through it, saw it happen to others – whatever made you notice this and want to help others with it.


I know how you feel because I spent many, many years in suffering and turmoil. I know what it’s like to be stuck in my finances, health, relationships, self worth, personal power and spirituality. Yet there was a profound gift in my pain. I discovered a formula for getting unstuck and creating great Joy and Happiness.

If you said yes to any of the above, I hear you.

My name is Donya Fahmy and after almost 20 years of suffering from chronic allergies, sinus infections, bronchitis, asthma, and eczema, I was able to finally heal myself using natural and plant-based solutions to successfully accomplish what doctors and traditional medicine couldn’t.

I know exactly how you feel because I have had dogs in my family my whole life and have experienced each one of these struggles. I searched for answers and still could not find what was really wrong with my dogs, until one day I heard them.

About You

This section consists of 3 parts. The About You, then the closing call to action then your signature. Bio + Close + Signature.

The About You is NOT a bio. This is a few sentences that highlight your top skills that can instantly impress them, and give them the confidence you would be a good person to know. It’s the highlights of your life.

Then you move into the Call to Action – what you want them to do – leave their name and email …

Then your signature. This is your name, and Unique Selling Proposition – which I would have given you on your Online Clarity Cleanse call.


(bio) I’m Andrena Taylor, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a graduate from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I have always been interested in wholesome nutritious food. I am following my passion about Food + Health, and am excited to share this with you. My goal as a Holistic Nutritionist is to help and empower you to live an energized life and to attain optimum health.

(close) Living an energized life includes finding the right balance between nutrition and an active lifestyle. Let’s work together to find what is ideal for you and help you to understand how to nourish your body.

(signature) Andrena Taylor RHN Holistic Nutritionist “Personalized Holistic Nutrition for a Brand New You”

Guide Benefits

These are placed in section 10 of your landing page. img-02

They are the 5 benefits of READING the guide. They are meant as further enticement to opting in, to build curiosity and make them want the answer.

These ARE NOT benefits of working with you. We aren’t selling you here – we are selling the content. Selling you and working with you will put them off, and they won’t opt-in.

These are BENEFITS – not features. Benefits take about 3 tries to get. Usually you start with a feature, then you need to get practice to speak in benefits. The benefit is what does a person REALLY want.

Then you slightly skew it by not saying what the BENEFIT is – but by building the curiosity to why they need to read the guide to get that answer.

You don’t give answers here – you give benefits to reading the guide.

For example – when you say something – ie. I help you get out of pain – you say – so what. then you say – so you can live a more active life – (getting closer) but so what. so you say – So you can finally play with your kids when they ask.

Then to phrase it as a benefit – You’ll Discover From Reading this Guide…

  • How to get out of pain so you can live a more active life and finally play with your kids when they ask

See how it weaved together to hit the meat of the issue. You could even just put the last one in if you wanted – when they are striking enough. You will also see we didn’t say how you do that – the answer is in the guide.

Here are some samples of benefits

  • The ONE THING you can do everyday to ACCESS MONEY & OPPORTUNITIES
  • Why positive affirmation alone does not produce instant results
  • Discover how your body processes food and identify what type of foods energize your body
  • The 3 ways to attract everything you want
  • Understand what stops your progress in certain areas and more importantly, why?

These can be the hardest things to write, however, it will help you so much to learn this skill because you need it for subject lines in your emails, and any teaser copy for speaking, webinars, teleseminars, etc.

Final Steps to Crafting Your Benefits

So write out 5 of these and send them to me.

If you are close, I recraft and post them.
If you are miles off, I’ll send back to you for another try.

I want you to learn this skill because it’s the key to selling online.

Brag Bar - Association/TV/Client Logos

Now it’s time to get all the logos (.jpg .gif) any graphical representation of things you have been connected to (ie. associations, affiliations), any media you have been in – ever – ie. newspaper, magazine, TV network, – anything you belong to, anything you think might impress.

Then you send ALL the logos in one email. Do not list them in text form – I don’t go around finding the logos.

I need you to send them to me and we will place on your website.

See the bottom of this page as an example –

Thank You Download Page

This is a critical page in the beginning. It is the orchestration of the next step for your client. The guide will be sent to them – they will read it – they will download it from this page – and then they will wonder what to do next.

The best thing is to let them click and book a discovery call with you. A 15 minute call where you will listen to their issue, tell them the program you have to resolve it, and upsell them.

The next thing that is left, is send them to your master branded website if it’s ready. Now we are okay with them checking everything out, because even if they get distracted we have them in our sales funnel and will start to communicate with them in a way that moves to a call to action each time.

And last but not least if you are a speaker, you will have a button where they can check out your speaking and BOOK YOU



Discovery Call Survey

When you are going to do a discovery call as a first connection to you, the best way to get the information you need is to have them fill out a form.

This is a few questions so you can tap into what they need, so you can leverage this information to present your program to them. When you know their pain, you can focus on how to resolve it.

Here is an example of a questionnaire:

The 2 resources I recommend are;
1. – this is what I use – cost is free to begin then $9.99 per month
2. – a survey based program – free

Send the link to me to review.

Sign Off on Final Landing Page

Whoo Hoo – You are now ready to begin promotion now that the building of your landing page is finalized, if you purchased the Silver program – this is where our journey ends.

You of course remain a part of our community and I encourage you to check in daily.

If you are wondering what it would take for you to continue and upgrade to the Platinum program, call the office or email us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how we can make this next step happen for you.

If you are continuing through the Platinum program – sign off on this step so we can continue to the next step. We will need your confirmation that you agree this is your landing page.

One thing I will say to put you at ease – if you are part of the Platinum program and a few months down the road you are thinking I wish this said that, or I’d like to change this line to say this, or can I change out my picture for a video – etc – this sign off does not mean that can’t happen. It can, and will.

This sign off means there are no MAJOR changes. Major changes are graphic banner, guide cover, colors of the whole scheme, things that take really getting the team back on board after they have closed the project. It is really what you saw approved at the design stage, remains the same.

So fill out this form and we’ll see you on the next step, or we will see you in the forum and once this is completed we will announce your landing page here and I will announce it to all my social media followers – that’s almost 100,000 followers. (An unannounced bonus for you!!)

How to Upload Your Social Media Banners

Once you approve the landing page and thank you download page – we open the doors. I announce in the private forum, and you announce to every social media outlet you have. Then ANYTHING you are on – webinar, teleseminar, TV, radio, video, press release, article, etc. point to your landing page.

It’s important that you do not skip this step. Otherwise you will not build your list. In the beginning I ONLY had the landing page, so everything went here as it should – and that meant my list built fast.

Then it’s your job to connect as fast as possible to those that opt-in. If you can get them on a call – even better.

Now all your marketing efforts have purpose.


Landing Page Template for DIY Projects
Landing Page Video Script for Webinars
Sample Order Forms for Your Offers

There are lots of ways to put an order form together, but as someone who has done hundreds of offers with accompanying order forms – I got it down to 3 layouts that work well.

I have 3 types of order forms:
1. A trade show type order form – I use this for low end offers
2. A generic order form – I use this for multi-speaker events when I’m not certain of the offer or for my own big offer
3. And product specific ones for my big sellers
ie. Message to Millions
ie. Online Clarity

When creating an order form, start with generic and add product ones, once you have gotten certainty on the success of an offer

Here is what mine look like

Notice the piece on the bottom for initials – that is key for your protection

1. Specific repeating product offer for trade show type events



2. Regular generic order form for other peoples events

unnamed (2)


3. This is a special offer form – where my goal is to sell the end one – and include
the other 2 – at the same time as I slash the end price in half. Sells like a dream.
And I have also sold the first one individually.

This sells for $997 – for all 3 options

unnamed (3)


Phase II: Email Marketing and Autoresponders

(We will create 10 emails – this is learning to help you build additional emails, lists and campaigns.)

There are many autoresponder systems out there – you can either go very simple or the cadillac and really build a sophisticated communication center. If you are just starting in business select Aweber from below. If you are already a success and are in the process of scaling, contact the office at 818.859.7210 and we’ll help you get the best one for your needs

Get Aweber NOW

How to do a Strategy/Discovery Call

Now that you have seen the process, I’d like to make sure there is nothing standing in your way by unblocking any issues or answering any questions you may have.

So I’d like to offer a free strategy call to help cleanse and move you forward.

Phone #
Survey Link – (as a qualifier) –
Strategy Call – get on phone
They should be ONLY 20 minutes – you are NOT solving a problem – you are finding out what their problem is – and telling them what you HAVE that will solve it – discovery – listening – listen you will know what’s going on
– then you propose a solution (selling of the service)

This is the fastest way to the cash.

Many people don’t want to offer this because they think they will be overwhelmed with too many calls. The answer to this problem is GREAT. That is EXACTLY what you want. This is like shooting fish in a barrel. People are coming to you directly, telling you they have this problem, and wanting you to give them the solution. It’s a dream situation.

If you get too many calls – that is a fantastic problem to have – and there are a few ways to deal with preventing overwhelm on this cycle.

A free strategy/discover call should be ONLY 20 minutes – you are NOT solving a problem – you are finding out what their problem is – you are listening – and then telling them what you HAVE that will solve it – Discover – listen – (you will know what’s going on – plus if you are using a survey form to gather information for the call you have everything you need to assist in the close)
– Then you propose a solution (selling of the service)
– Don’t overcomplicate, don’t let them ramble, don’t let the call go long, don’t solve their stuff on a call, you are there to listen and present the best solution you have for them. This isn’t free consulting – it’s you discovering more about them and what their problem is.
– Track your results and work on improving your script – ie. converting 1/9 – then 1/7 – then 1/4
– Always sell your highest program first – and work your way down – this is a reverse funnel. That way if you start at the top – and they end up somewhere in the middle – great – it was worth it. If you start at the top and they stay there – even better.
– This is a statistics game and the more calls you make the more money you will make – it’s simple.

– When you get too many – start to charge a nominal fee for the call ie. $47 or hire someone else to do the free calls and you move to the paid ones where you do solve something and then sell to upper level program and give a credit if you want for what they invested on this call.
(ie. like my calls)

Discovery Call Sample Script

Introduction to Email Marketing

How to Write Welcome Email

Email Marketing

Creating Your Initial 10 Starter Emails from Your Guide

Here is the great part now that the effort is done with your guide – and that is it is the framework for your Signature talk and it is easily 10 messages for your autoresponder system.

For the subject line – come up with a small acronym so that all your emails from this campaign are easily found and identified. Make it about 3 characters – otherwise it eats up too much of the subject line and they don’t read it.

How to Break Apart Your Guide to Create Emails

Password to watch: vipplatinum

For example – my subject line prefix is [IOI] – for Instant Online Impact

Here is what you do: 

First email – [IOI] Welcome to Tracy Repchuk’s Instant Online Impact Community

– download the guide
– PS – Book a discovery call

Email #2 – send next day (an email will go out every day for the next 10 days – you have a prospect that is interested so don’t let them go cold.)

A bit of your story – and tie it back to what that means to them.

ie. When I was a a kid…. then later I … Now I ….

And what this means to you is that I have a formula to
(solve their problem)

Would you like to schedule a free call with me?


Your close
Your name
Your Unique selling proposition (I would have given you this)

PS – Free call – limited time offer – I don’t know how much longer I’m going to offer them… act now – >>

Email #3 –  First Tip from book
Email #4 –  Second Tip from book
Email #5 –  Third tip from book
Email #6 –  Fourth Tip from book
Email #7 – Get them to do a survey or discovery call offer again – tell them the offer will be ending in a few days
Email #8 – Fifth Tip from book
Email #9 – Offer – sell them something small priced
Email #10 – Do You Need My Help?
ask them to tell you what they were looking for – simply hit reply and you’ll get back to them.

I review your first 3 emails in detail.

I write email #1 – the welcome email.

You then write email #2, 3 and 4.

Send me one at a time for review – by the end you will know what the format of an email is, and why it’s structured that way.

For additional teachings, you have access to
Internet Success Mastery – Module 3 is Autoresponders and copywriting.

Sample Email: (mine are longer than yours need to be – shorter is better)
[IOI] This Is The Fastest Free List Building Option I Have Found!

How to Write Your Subject Line

How to Write Email Content

How to Create a Follow Up Series

How to Customize a Newsletter Template

How to Create a Broadcast Email

How to Set the Automation Rule

How to Email Unopens

How to Write Last Chance Email

How to Write Reminder Email

How to Write Promo Email

How to Write Scarcity Emails

Email Marketing Strategies

Marketing Optimization

Email List Maintenance

Phase III – Generate and Work Your Leads

(This is bonus training for you to guide you after the project has completed)

Conversion Strategies - Introduction - How to Improve

Now that you have a landing page, emails, guides, programs, social media, blogs, and anything that involves copywriting, the game of test and tweak begins, and it never stops. If your content and pages are converting, great, if not, it’s time to change 1 element at a time, and monitor it. You continue this until it improves to acceptable standards.


Conversion - Email Stats

Conversion - Copywriting Elements

Conversion - Email

Conversion - Copywriting Strategy

Conversion - Landing Page Copy

Conversion - Landing Page Strategy

Conversion - Adding One Time Offers

Conversion - Blogging Copy

Conversion - Blogging Strategies

Conversion - AIDA Formula

Conversion - Strategic Summary

Conversion - Conclusions

If you are familiar with Google Sheets – grab these Marketing Calendars, once loaded you will select FILE then MAKE A COPY then NAME IT and SAVE it to your drive.

Then to drive attention to your landing page start to plan out social media, trade shows, networking, speaking, videos and any marketing activity you can think of or have already been doing, ensuring that the attention and link go to your landing page inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

BONUS GIFT – Membership to FTC Guardian (Federal Trade Commission)

This is the system that allows you to create FTC Compliant forms for your website and any online materials and communications.

To register for your FREE FTC Compliance Forms. 

Enter the following password: getprotected

Once you are logged into the system – here is the text menu option you access from within the system Basic Website Legal Compliance Documents.

What’s Next ….

Celebrity Program

Once your landing page is completed, if you would like us to continue with your master site, become part of your team, let’s talk about this.

If your master site has been recently done, perhaps you just need someone to help you get caught up with your contacts, set up more email follow ups and help you optimize and convert the contacts you have.

Schedule a Call For Next Best Step

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Message to Millions Coaching

The most comprehensive coaching program on the planet, for the price. You get full training on the 12 most important elements to reaching millions with your message, along with monthly meetings with me where I’ll answer your questions, review your work, and keep you moving forward in the right direction.

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Your Million Dollar Design

Get ready to create an online program guaranteed to sell. Even better you will learn how to get paid to create it, build a community of raving fans, and turn it into a 6 figure stream of income.

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