The Ultimate Google Training Series

Google is the master of the online universe, and knowing all of it’s power will help put you ahead of the pack. It’s in these tools, tactics, and tips, that you will get familiar with Google and understand how to beat out the competition.

I extensively use many of these as part of my daily routine, and you will quickly see the benefit of become friends with Google. Enjoy.

Submit Your URL to Google
Google can take ages to find your website, so here is the trick webmasters use to get your site found fast.

Submit to this link :

Google Suggested Search Phrases
Google All in Title Search
Google Site Search
Google Cache
Google NoIndex No Follow
Google Alerts
Google Trends
Google Trends In Depth
Google Trends Search
Google Trends Youtube Search
Google Trends - Top Charts
Google Related Search
Google Links Search
Google Define Search
Google Timer
Google Calendar
Google Calendar - Setup
Google Calendar - Promo
Google Photos
Google Photos Assistant
Google Drive Intro
Google Drive PC Version
Google Adsense Introduction
Google Adsense - Add First Ad Unit
Google Adsense - Allow Blocked Ads Feature
Google Adsense - Performance Reports
Google Adsense - Ad Placements
Google Groups Introduction
Google Groups - Finish Creating Group
Google Groups - Outside The Box Thinking
Google Hangouts - Start Your First Hangout
Google Hangouts - Demo Hangout Basic
Google Hangouts - Hangouts Step by Step
Google Hangouts - Auto Upload Youtube
Gmail Introduction
Gmail Setup Email Account
Google Adwords Introduction Overview
Google Adwords Setup Ad Campaign
Google Keyword Planner
Google Keep
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Slides
Google Forms
Google Voice
Google NewsStand Publisher
Google My Business Listing
Google Plus
Google Global Market Finder

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