Product Launch

Once your landing page is getting opt-ins, and your branded site has your programs and services, and you have been selling your services through strategy sessions so understand the objections and issues you will face – it’s now time to set up the formal launch strategy to let everyone out there know what you’ve got.




Download the following and use it as your guide


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Your Product Design - 6 Figure Focus
Irresistible Offer Creation
Sales Letter Formula
How to Create Marketing Materials
Sales Funnel Secrets
How to Win the Joint Venture Game
Launch Time
Product Launch Techniques
How to Turn Your Webinar Into a Profitable Venture
4 Best Ways to Get them Back for Future Webinars
4 Secrets to Creating a Killer Webinar
3 Best Services for Hosting Webinars
4 Reasons People Attend Webinars
5 Ways to Make Your Webinar More Fun and Engaging
How to Become a Great Presenter
6 Tips for Attracting Webinar Attendees
Common Webinar Mistakes to Avoid
Best Types of Webinars to Host
Video Sales Letter - Introduction
VSL - Your Audience
VSL - What is Your Audience’s Pain
VSL - Common Buyer Objections and Resistance
VSL - Formula
VSL - Why Should I Believe You
VSL - Your Pitch
VSL - Video Conversions Bump
VSL - Text vs Screen Capture

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