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While you are designing and creating your passion offer or selecting your service or program, you can start now by getting some help from these pre-created niche areas with courses, created articles, Ad copy, and keywords for each one.

Here is the list of topics. They are grouped into zipped packages. So you can download the exact package that contains your chosen topic.

1. When you see the topic you want, click to download the package. It is in a ZIP format. You can simply use your computer, Mac or Pc, to click on the file once downloaded and it. By clicking on it, it will expand for you into a folder by the same name. So for example, if it is in package 7, Selling Realestate, then click to download On your computer it will create a folder with the name ” 4-10 ” for you.



1. A Beginners Guide to Yoga
2. How to Throw a Baby Shower
3. How to Crochet

4. Video game Systems
5. Hybrid Cars
6. How to Prevent Identity Theft
7. Insiders Guide to Selling Real Estate
9. Vacation Cruising
10. Bass Fishing 101

11. Scrap booking
12. Greenhouses

13. How to be an Entrepreneur
14. How to do Forex Trading
15.What you need to know about HDTV
16.Operating Systems Uncovered

17. How to make an efficient home
18. Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed
19.How to Play Online Texas Holdem and Win

20. Protect Yourself from Adware Spyware
21. How to be a Lean Manufacturing Company
22. How to cope with being a single parent
23. How to TradeMark your product

24. Ultimate Babyboomers Guide
25. Home Automation 101
26. Wedding Etiquette 101
27. Putting Together Your Own Wedding

28. Bodybuilding
29. Fitness Guide to Staying Healthy
30. Sports Nutrition Secrets Uncovered

31. Family Boating Secrets Revealed
32. Ultimate Guide to Improve Your Golf Game
33. Stamp Collecting

34. How to Deal with Bipolar Disorder
35. Understanding Bronchitis
36.Breaking Drug Addiction

37. Learn how to flyfish like the pros
38. Geneology – uncovering your ancestry
39. Meditation a Guide to Self Enlightenmen

40. Ultimate Iguana Care Handbook
41. Coping with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
42.Understanding VOIP

Here is a collection of 4000 articles
on various topics. These can help when you are putting together your offer.