Reach Millions with Podcasting

The podcasting phenomenon is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs everywhere are connecting with ideal prospects, cultivating a loyal fanatic following and selling their products, programs, and services to customers all over the world.

Podcasting has many benefits including:

– The ability to reach more people in your target market.

– It helps build credibility in your industry.

– It can turn you into an internet superstar (great for business)

– They can be downloaded by your subscribers’ RSS feeds automatically

– They can be accessed by your subscriber’s anywhere or anytime!

– Let’s you form a more personal connection with your consumers because they can get to know, like and trust you.  (Essential for long-term profits)

A good Podcast can be a great way to get your business in front of an unlimited number of new customers But it doesn’t stop there. They can also be used as the foundation for other audio products like audio books, webinars and even paid audio products. The possibilities are almost endless and extremely profitable!

When blogtalk radio first appeared, I had done over 100 episodes of a weekly show and saw the power of it. Then along came distribution networks like itunes and podcasting are now as mainstream as Facebook. In a recent course I took where I needed to uplevel my skills, I was so impressed with the content, that I bought it outright for you. In this series, you will be taken through all you need to set up your own podcast and reach millions with your message.



Setting Up Blog Talk Radio

Creating a Live Episode

Create a Pre Recorded Episode

Using Audacity to Pre-Record

Pre Recording Audio Content

In this section, you will learn

 How to get the software

  • How to install mp3 encoding
  • A tour of the interface
  • Creating audio files
  • Editing audio files
  • Timeline shifting
  • Intros and exit music
  • Background music
  • Free podcasting
Install Audacity

Audacity Work Area – Create and Edit

Adding Music


Blog Talk Radio Settings

Calling In Considerations

Setting the Profile Link

Setting Profile Show and Podcast

Setting Notifications

Social Media Settings

Uploading Bumper Audios

Guest Call In Number

If There is No Guest Call In Number

Record with Guest Caller

Download and Delete Your Episode

Editing In Audio Bumpers

Submission To Itunes

Repurpose Your Podcast Content

Using Video to Create Audio

YouTube Promotion

Blog Talk Radio Network Promotion

Monetization and Statistics

Website Promotion

The Science of
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